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About Motsweding FM

Its public radio station that guide and teach people about what happening in the world.

Motsweding FM plays a wide variety of music, to help increase listenership throughout South Africas dynamic cultures. At any time, a mixture of hip-hop/pop/soft rock can be mixed with house music followed by Simphiwe Dana or Madonna and ending with Freshlyground or Mo'Molemi.

R&B, Afro Pop, Kwaito; House; Hip-Hop, Smooth Jazz, Gospel; African Jazz, Reggae & World Music.

Motsweding FM is a National radio station that broadcasts in Setswana in the North West, Northern Cape, Gauteng Province, Free State and growing in parts of Limpopo and some parts of Mpumalanga.

No Radio Stream Unfortunately there are no working streams available. Motsweding FM radio online is not working at the moment.

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Motsweding FM Station Information

141 reviews for Motsweding FM

we love motsweding!
2015-01-19 at 20:18
motsweding fm to play. Radio Shaker reply: We've changed to another of their streams, however it allows only 500 listeners at a time. If you know a better stream for us to use, please let us know.
2014-12-27 at 11:57
Lesego K
I would love to listening to konka Motsweding fm staion via Internet cause it Sony play In springbok
2014-08-26 at 13:48
i like it
2014-06-26 at 11:26
U ar rocking in sports..well informed.updated information.
2014-04-15 at 07:27
I just want to listen to this radio as I am far from home in Europe by work. please ke a kgopela bagaetsho
2014-02-26 at 20:31
obakeng M
2014-01-16 at 08:54
Very good
2014-01-14 at 00:12
Lekgau V
Ke kopa thuso motsweding Fm gore e number mang on da Dstv,ke mo Polokwane. Tryng 2 tune in but I'm struggling morning.
2013-12-23 at 13:34
obakeng s
Please avail or load the station?
2013-12-17 at 16:26
sechel o
No sound Radio Shaker reply: It's working for us, it sometimes helps to press play and stop a few times.
2013-12-17 at 16:23
dador m
I luv Motsweding fm
2013-12-16 at 13:59
Ignacious K
I like Motsweding. Thats all about it.
2013-12-11 at 15:24
its not playing online radio shaker. Radio Shaker reply: It seems to be working for us all the time. Perhaps you need to update a plug-in?
2013-12-05 at 23:13
Always on Motsweding FM my day is complete
2013-12-05 at 06:43
i would like to have access tomy favourite radio station always
2013-12-04 at 08:15
moss mokoma
im listening these show right in the DRC nd im feeling home from the foreign country guys keep it up your my no.1 station around the globe
2013-12-02 at 16:11
Thank you
2013-11-20 at 17:13
pls hlp cnt get thru
2013-11-18 at 23:35
Big Sam
Keep it Up
2013-11-18 at 05:23
one of a kind
2013-11-16 at 08:07
like the radio station very much becoz of the drama story
2013-11-15 at 13:47
Basetsana T
Nice thing to have during the day at work.
2013-11-15 at 12:49
listening through internet, sometimes struggles to get it
2013-11-15 at 04:00
othusitse m
i would like to listen to radio during working time as i work in office
2013-11-13 at 04:26
I would like to have these stations always on my pc every day because i work in the office the whole shift thanx
2013-11-12 at 05:57
Motsweding FM bokamoso tota
2013-11-03 at 22:51
Ke rata mantswe a morutu a a reng, "MOSADI O TSHWANETSE A IKOKOBELETSA MONNA WA GAGWE". Radio Shaker Reply: Please write your reviews in english :), unfortunately we we're unable to translate.
2013-11-03 at 06:36
Mpho T
Dumela Rre Seleka. Ke ntse ke utlweletse kgang le ditshwaelo ka Kuli Chana, mapodise aka kgona go dira tiro ya bona fa baka sala melao morago. Go kgona tiro ga se gore ba bolaye batho go tswa mo kgatello a beleng mogo yona. Rqadio Shaker reply: Please try and keep your reviews in english, we are unable to translate the above.
2013-10-28 at 22:56
Lets learn to give without expecting anything in return
2013-10-20 at 18:37
I can't get through Motsweding online. Please heelp. Radio Shaker Reply: Make sure you have all the plug-ins needed for your browser to listen.
2013-10-19 at 22:01
tumelo g
I real love this station especially show yaga KB.
2013-10-04 at 08:23
radio shaker keeps my life on, no breaks between broadcast, really enjoying it
2013-09-24 at 06:16
This is very nice.
2013-09-21 at 19:12
this is the best radio station,wow sunday morning programme,i like the kind of gospel that u serve
2013-09-15 at 02:58
Masilabele M "Dallas Kwa Dithakong tsa Kurara
Mtsweding ke bokamoso tota Mmagwe di Radio. 100% Rocks
2013-09-14 at 13:32
sweet one
2013-09-12 at 14:15
I love this radio station, I am Tsonga, but I feel it is accommodating. I love Raroga gee, with KB....
2013-09-05 at 15:37
Kabelo M
Love the radio station and the content produced
2013-09-05 at 05:54
motsweding bokamo tota!
2013-09-05 at 04:29
great one
2013-09-04 at 07:36
lebogang M
eish ga kitsi kereng bcos. is my first time using this online radio format
2013-09-01 at 14:22
can't access. Radio Shaker reply: It should work again.
2013-09-01 at 07:03
Aganang FM
Is it possible to listen to Aganang FM online? Radio Shaker reply: We've contacted Aganang FM to ask if they wish to be listed in Radio Shaker. We'll have to wait for their reply. :)
2013-08-29 at 13:45
great 1
2013-08-28 at 07:30
g jongane
this is the best station,mother of all stations, keep it up.
2013-08-25 at 10:20
Best of the Best
2013-08-23 at 15:58
The station of all nations
2013-08-23 at 08:52
2013-08-20 at 14:19
Hi I like the choice of today is so hot keep up Ausi you make a good choice. I like to say hi to my wife and my mom a le ko sefikile mme. Madipolopolo letshwiti
2013-08-20 at 12:36
sweet 1
2013-08-20 at 10:05
its a wonderful station
2013-08-20 at 07:45
U rock ma weekend.
2013-08-17 at 07:38
its great
2013-08-16 at 10:21
2013-08-16 at 07:40
2013-08-15 at 07:29
2013-08-14 at 07:32
great 1
2013-08-14 at 07:31
Phatsimo D,Tsimakae
The number one station
2013-08-13 at 16:59
i love Motsweding fm From Botswana Jwaneng
2013-08-13 at 12:57
2013-08-09 at 08:26
its super rocking
2013-08-08 at 15:56
great 1
2013-08-07 at 14:45
Best station ever. Bokamoso tota
2013-08-03 at 22:34
Today is my birthday i want to say GOD give me more and more
2013-07-19 at 12:08
great station
2013-07-18 at 07:48
its a great station to listen to
2013-07-17 at 07:46
its a wonderful station............
2013-07-11 at 07:41
great station indeed
2013-07-04 at 07:48
Radio Shaker
Please write all your reviews in English for this station. :)
2013-07-01 at 14:45
u bless us plis...keep it up.
2013-06-30 at 08:47
2013-06-28 at 08:23
G8 1
2013-06-27 at 13:43
2013-06-26 at 08:21
2013-06-24 at 10:01
it is a great station
2013-06-24 at 08:15
wonderful station
2013-06-20 at 07:58
2013-06-19 at 08:33
Radio Shaker
Hi Tommy, We will do our best to add the radio stations on your list.
2013-06-14 at 12:58
good station indeed
2013-06-13 at 08:17
Tommy G
I would like to ask why Botswana radio stations are not available and cant be accessed? I am in Botswana and tried to search for our radio stations only to be disappointed that its the only country unavailable from the list of region search. Please add them, they are the following: 1.RB1 at 89.90FM 2.RB2 at 103.0FM 3.Gabz FM at 96.2FM 4.Duma FM at 93.0 FM 5.YaRona FM at 106.6FM I tried to add the stations and failed.
2013-06-05 at 12:14
coups wa lepirates
kele reeditse thru online hei i like ur music man.kele mo botswana mo gaborone kare o ntumeditse mama le papa bone bal ko lerala kare kea ba rata moo.
2013-05-18 at 22:31
I love this link, it makes life simple for me. I'm one person who love listening to radio so with this link its easy for me to switch to any radio station fast without any hassels.
2013-05-12 at 02:51
Very informative and interesting to listen to.
2013-04-22 at 20:21
Great work guys
2013-04-18 at 15:35
the station is quiet excellenent, i love the sunday promgrames special in the morning from 8:00am
2013-04-09 at 14:48
julia m
i think its wow you know the name of the station for me it has so many meanings to me Motsweding where everything special comes from.
2013-04-09 at 07:53
This radio is rocking and always updating. The music played matches all age groups & that is why it is my no1 radio station.
2013-04-07 at 23:53
its a Radio staion to rely on when coming to live Sports updates.
2013-03-30 at 21:33
Sebetola D
Motsweding FM is the best,i enjoy listening while i am on duty on night shift.
2013-03-28 at 22:02
2013-03-26 at 07:15
i like motsweding. listening to it is like being home away from home.
2013-03-23 at 14:15
one of a kind station. very reliable and on time with current affairs/news
2013-03-21 at 07:22
Roy M
Icant recieve motsweding in my computer.
2013-03-14 at 09:05
its great
2013-03-13 at 07:05
is so good man i really like it
2013-03-05 at 06:12
hi u guys u rocking keep it up
2013-03-02 at 20:52
The station is great especially Sundays this time. I never miss Gontse shows,
2013-02-24 at 21:05
this is sooooo goood.
2013-02-17 at 19:53
Sehularo L.
well presented
2013-02-02 at 15:45
Boikie T.
This station is good, assist with infornation, music, dramas like th one of 05h30, news.
2013-01-23 at 13:04
It's the best! I love the way the presenters interact with the people. They are not unfair at all. They know when to listen and when to talk. The music they play and the show are appropriate for anyone! This is one of the best in SA!
2013-01-22 at 14:26
It's the best! I love the way the presenters interact with the people. They are not unfair at all. They know when to listen and when to talk. The music they play and the show are appropriate for anyone! This is one of the best in SA!
2013-01-22 at 14:26
Radio ok but difficult to get it online listerning
2013-01-21 at 15:58
Teko Alec
Nothing is better than this radio station
2013-01-21 at 06:41
Teko A.
If you don't listen to this radio then you are lost.
2013-01-09 at 13:48
Albert Mogotsi M.
It is the best and number one station in the continent
2013-01-09 at 06:55
tshepo K
Its a fanatatic radio station with good music.
2012-12-28 at 13:48
Berend M.
One of the best. Very informative
2012-12-16 at 19:13
you can never go wrong ka Motsweding fm "Bokamoso tota"
2012-12-14 at 08:12
Boitumelo in Gaborone
Motsweding is rocking, it's user freindly and it's all for the people i mean age wisr
2012-12-10 at 08:31
Julia Thandi M.
motsweding is the number one station with all their presenters i have ben lesting to Lindiwe Modise now with rakgadi wa bakgathla
2012-12-07 at 11:37
I love Motsweding fm so much it makes my day evryday of the week
2012-11-26 at 08:43
tshegofatso r.
wow.the station is rocking.keep up the good work
2012-11-25 at 11:24
ayesha moeng
i really like motsweding fm especially ragoga-gee
2012-11-23 at 10:58
Motsweding FM is second to none
2012-11-18 at 18:48
ian jabu maruping
the number 1 informative station i have listened to since 1990 keep the music playing and information going to reach people
2012-11-18 at 15:05
its fantastic. its amazing radio station.
2012-11-15 at 10:14
very wonderful radio.If i remember well i started listening at the age of 9yrs.
2012-11-15 at 07:50
Boitumelo P.
Matsalo ke godisa Malebogo Peme o godisiwa ke ausi wa gagwe
2012-11-14 at 08:02
I really like your radio station m from Palapye Botswana. have a good morning....
2012-11-10 at 07:33
what a station my god
2012-11-09 at 20:21
Boitumelo P.
Matsalo ke godisa Boikago Manamela ale kwa mothibistad
2012-11-07 at 08:28
junior s.
i am in kuruman am not abel to lesson to the radio station, i dont now whether is becouse of network or is me pleasse help
2012-10-30 at 20:58
Boitumelo P.
Matsalo ke kopa go godisa Tlhamane Mosikatsi.
2012-10-29 at 09:50
Motsweding fm
This is my favourite radio station when i'm in mafikeng
2012-10-22 at 10:10
its great! lesley
2012-10-21 at 14:48
thabo m.
i so enjoy the station so much,it rly makes my day each and everyday
2012-10-19 at 14:10
Goitsemang M.
my number one radio station
2012-10-18 at 19:55
2012-10-17 at 08:36
cant access
2012-10-16 at 09:43
2012-10-12 at 21:08
informative, Educative,health concsious, entertaining, and so many useful tips we can learn from.
2012-10-01 at 10:09
ke nna mo nelspruit, motsweding e tswhara ka bo kae mo radiong.
2012-09-25 at 07:17
Super rocking station! Kip it up!
2012-09-21 at 15:18
Always great. Thanx Ruby.
2012-09-17 at 10:13
Great to listen to. I like it
2012-09-13 at 19:25
2012-09-10 at 13:17
Gladys Nku
I am listening through internet and I think this is the best radio ever.
2012-09-09 at 07:56
Waitse ke rata radio station se bogolo thata ke gopotse Sis Lindiwe Modise
2012-09-05 at 10:47
Superb...Worth listening to.
2012-08-28 at 04:45

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